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February 23, 2011

To Brighton today to feed daughter, sort out her housing for next year and buy her a utility bike. FIrst sight of the pierced lip was not as bad as expected which had been a worry! It was the only chance to see her for over a month as I will be traveling. I took the scenic route (shown below) which involves some of the most charming of the countryside of the South of England, with a fair shot of history thrown in for good measure. Country houses, castles, pubs and ancient path ways follow a route that is a pleasure to drive in contrast with the the M4-M25-M23 slog and its rarely longer in time either. Before daughter chose to read Anthropology at the University of Sussex I had only been to Brighton on three occasions. A failed sales visit to American Express twenty years ago, as a tourist some five years later and then once to give a lecture. I keeping meaning to go there for a weekend and do the Seven Sisters walk but that will have to wait for summer.

Nothing really to comment on, other than to report that Freedom Bikes is one of the best cycle shops I have visited, well stocked, knowledgeable and friendly. Also that Brighton is a great place to walk around and find somewhere to eat. We ended up in Bill’s which I have grown fond of over a couple of visits. A short menu which is usually good news and is certainly the case here, great surroundings where you can talk and a fascinating selection of extras to take away (see picture). Conversations with daughter over dinner around material cultures, identity and culture as ever fascinating. There is no greater reward than talking with an under graduate who is almost manically enthusiastic about their subject to the point where the ideas bubble out without prompting; especially so when its your own daughter.

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