Old friends, new places

October 20, 2013

I was picked up early this morning by Marius Ungerer who I first met when he was in a strategy role with ABSA and who is now at the University of Stellenbosch Business School.  When he moved there we reached an agreement that would allow his students to use SenseMaker® and we were long due a catch up on that and many other things.   He brought along his son and another member of the faculty who confessed to have triggered a tweet from one of this students.  I remember it well as it it popped up along the lines of I don;t get this Cynefin thing to which I responded who is teaching you and got no response.  I know now why!

Either way, the plan was to talk and eat and visit the western beaches.  We headed out for Tsaarsbank catching up on memories, speculating on rugby (Wales v South Africa next up for both nations).  The wind was still unrelenting and while yesterday it had been driving the waves back from the shore (thus creating a unique set up for my seal) today it was driving on shore with magnificent results.  You can see from this panorama.

From there we wended our way through the national park, stopping for short walks (I must come back here and do a long one) Including a great hill top setting (see opening picture) before ending up at one of those obscure but wonderful restaurants that you have to be a local to know.  The Heineken Cup was on the television which was a bonus, although not the Blue's wonderful victory yesterday which I missed (although I was to my sorrow at the humiliation the previous week).

Good conversation, good food, great sites what more could you ask for?

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