On sleeping (or not)

March 29, 2013

One of those nightmare flights that you get from time to time.  It started badly with the One World Lounges in Changi Airport undergoing refurbishment so everyone was packed into Turkish Airlines lounge.  I'd planned a shower and G&T in the BA FIrst Class lounge (thanks to high status cards, not class of travel) but it was not to be.  So I ended up getting on the plane, frazzeled, hot and sweaty.

Flying with Finn Air via Helsinki is always pot luck as they have both modern and ancient planes.  Tonight we had one of the oldest.  The seats in Club did not fully recline and had no footrest.  The in flight entertainment was confined to a choice of six films (all seen) and twelve television episodes (nine seen).  It was two hours before the temperature dropped enough to make sleep even thinkable.  The absence of a footrest is the ultimate nightmare if you want to sleep as there is nothing to push against, and as you are at an angle you keep thinking you are going to slip off the seat.  In the few fitful minutes I had dreams of waste chutes opening in the bottom of the plane featured strongly.

Lack of sleep meant I missed my Bose headphones falling out of the bag when security took it for a second trip through the X-Ray, fortunately I am back in Helsinki Tuesday so I will have to pray for trustworthy staff!   The flight to London was little better with hardly any leg room.   I don't know what it is about SAS and FinnAir but they have the shortest range of any aircraft I know.  I think its an atavistic desire to return to the cramped conditions of the long ships.

Then Heathrow and a three hour wait for a coach back to Swindon and the promise of more disruption next week with Reading station being rebuilt over Easter.   I got home to five letters from the NHS moving my hospital appointment (trapped nerves in leg very painful) to next Friday, why five?

Either way, after catching up on essentials I am lighting a fire, cooking some food and will probably end up asleep with the cat in an hour or sos time.

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