Otago hospitality

June 20, 2010

Screen shot 2010-06-20 at 04.27.28.png By the time I got round to booking accommodation in Dunedin this weekend there was nothing, and I mean nothing left in the town itself. Net result I ended up a hours drive out of town in a Bed and Breakfast at Pukerangi. As it happened I couldn’t have asked for a better place. The drive out was spectacular, views of snow covered mountains and an incredible landscape. The accommodation itself more than lived up to its description. Comfortable, well equipped and welcoming; its not often I sleep as well after 30 hours of travel. I emailed before to ask if I could get in earlier that the Wotif advised 1700 and was told by Lynette to giver her a ring when I arrived and she would open up – net result I was in by 1030 and had a chance to freshen up. She had also worked out various transport options for me.   

As in the case in small places the other guests were also interesting and conversations struck up when they arrived and over breakfast resulting in an invitation (which I will take up) to visit them near Brisbane. Its the sort of personal service and attention that you just don’t get in large hotels. The perfect way to get here would be the Taieri George train up from Dunedin and stay for a couple of days – the winter time terminal station is just down the lane from the cottage itself. If you drive up then take take the convention route up, but if the weather is fine then the farm road to Dunedin is a beautiful and at times interesting drive. With a higher wheel base I might have gone a little faster!

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