Outstanding service

March 26, 2008

As reported I had a great day in Hong Kong which was made all the more pleasurable by the solicitude of the duty manager at the Excelsior hotel who went above and beyond the call of duty to resolve an issue.

Before dinner I logged in for email and after about 45 minutes my 24 hours of purchased access ran out. So I bought another 24 hours but low and behold I could now send and receive email from my .mac account but all three of my pop servers could send but not receive. Panic stations and I phone for help. How what normally happens is that you are put through to an external phone number, go through the motions and if you are lucky it is resolved most of the time you just wait for the servers to be reset the next day. That didn’t happen here. The duty manager came up to my room and attempted to resolve the issue. He then worked on it while I was at dinner, and came to my room again at 2300 to try and get things working. It eventually turned out that the internet connection had reset (how I don’t know) the outgoing access options on all the pop servers at once (not me Guv I did nothing). He wrote this down to talk with technical staff in the morning. He was happy to bring in technical expertise early in the morning to resolve things, when they were resolved he insisted on giving me free internet access. This guy was exceptional – I didn’t get his name but will endeavour to get word of his service to friends in the Mandarin Group of hotels tomorrow.

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