Paris Hilton’s head explodes

November 14, 2007

parishiltonsuntzu_3One of my recently discovered and oh ever so well written science blogs is Cocktail Party Physics, subtitled Physics with a Twist. Her latest posting has one of the clearest explanations of wave-particle duality I have ever read (and I have read a few). This is provided in the context of reporting on recent experiments which demonstrate the way in which choice of measurement determines what you see. There is also a nice example of the way in which novel scientific ideas that challenge the establishment are ignored: how could Newton possibly be wrong?. Her choice of Paris Hilton as a fictional researcher is inspired and had me laughing out loud. I extract the following quote to give you a sample: Are the photons just messing with her? Unable to cope with the quantum conundrum, Paris Hilton’s head explodes. Millions rejoice. Tabloids mourn. And those mischievous photons give an evil cackle of delight at having claimed another victim.

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