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April 20, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 12.08.12.png This is probably your first introduction to one of the new SenseMaker® logos. Powered by SenseMaker® will be used for standard services and third party products that use the core SenseMaker® capability. We have a new Joint Venture company launching a new 360º Survey tool for corporates and the coaching market which will use it – that is currently in Beta test. Other discussions are taking place and we are open to other offers for people interested. In a discussion after a conference recently someone said to me What you are doing is creating a new operating system for human sense-making and I rather liked that as a description of what SenseMaker® is about. Lots coming on this over the next few weeks with the Alpha release of the new Explorer tool and other things all coming.

In effect we are going to have different levels of entry into using SenseMaker® as follows (still working on the names):

  1. Scans
    These use signifier sets that have been researched and tested and allow minimal configuration (for example putting in a list of departments or divisions for Culture Scan). Reporting will be a single export at the end of the period to iOS Explorer with a user manual describing what each signifier means. On line webinars to help people will be set up. For network members this is a real opportunity to use SenseMaker® to add value to your existing consultancy capability and it is price to make it simple. Price options will be there for reports and customisation, all paid up front and moving from partial to full automation.
    We will start with Culture Scan, then Safety Scan. Others are being planned and we are open to third party offerings here
  2. Known applications
    This applies to areas where we have completed projects and have a standard approach to creating a project. That will be a mixture of online webinars and workshops and will use Signifier Libraries which can be modified but which are not fixed. Polymorphic signifiers will also be used to allow benchmarking and other comparison services over time. Early offerings here will include Narrative approaches to Net Promotor Score and you should see the first ones announced before the end of the month. Again these will be fixed price with options and we will start to work with Premium Members to create a cadre of local capability based on a mentoring model rather than a simple accreditation one.
  3. Research applications
    Where we know we can create a known application but need to do some more work to develop the signifiers and reporting capability as well as the training and consultancy skills. The first of these will be narrative based user requirements capture and will be announced by the end of the month. These projects will have membership options for organisations who want early use and are prepared to be part of the development. That means a small price for what downstream will cost more money and a real chance to get involved in the creation. It will also have expert membership options for premium members that will be open to people with real expertise in the field in question to work with us to create the product, the training and the accreditation/mentoring programmes. These will probably take place in the new CfAC.

So our first offering here is the Culture Scan. I blogged on the background to this earlier in the year and was a little too optimistic about time to market for which I apologise. The three posts start here and if you haven’t read them I suggest following the link. My post tomorrow will provide more detail and link to the early bird sign up. In the meantime you can look at the vanilla web based entry here and/or download the SenseMaker® app and use code CultureScan (it’s case sensitive). We’d welcome comments and questions on this either in the comments section or email Jules. Be aware the web site is on our demo server so its not as fast as the live site will be.


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