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Rewilding Agile Masterclass – Vienna


October 04, 2022 -  October 05, 2022
Time Zone: Europe/Vienna

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Agile has become domesticated, and it’s time to get back to its complex roots. Join us for a Masterclass in new approaches and tools.

At the Cynefin Co, we believe that as development cycles become more complex and time-to-market accelerates, AGILE processes and development need to become more adaptive and allow for deeper levels of sense-making and emergence, not less… Meanwhile, some industry players are striving to standardise and dumb down these same processes with one-size-fits all frameworks (usually supported by an easy certification).

This Masterclass picks up on the theme of Rewilding AGILE, reflecting on new developments and tools in the past year in the context of a multi-methods, multi-tools ecosystem. Join Dave Snowden and a growing movement of AGILE professionals globally, to explore alternative futures and ways of engaging in our work.


In this workshop, participants will explore…

Cynefin & Agile

  • Engage with and understand the ‘why’ behind complexity-friendly approaches to AGILE transformations in an introduction to the latest version of Cynefin, including the liminal zones at the domain boundaries.
  • Map the various elements of AGILE, SCRUM and associated methods into the Cynefin framework, to understand the complexity dynamics of development and innovation processes.
  • Contextualize Agile, Waterfall, Scrum and other approaches within the Cynefin framework – and determine the appropriate methods to apply as a result.

Pre- and Post-Scrum techniques

  • Explore an eco-system of applicable Pre- and Post-SCRUM tools and methods to enrich AGILE development, and the SenseMaker tools and applications to support them.
  • Unpack innovative approaches to engage with the lived experiences of a broad range of users/communities and to integrate those insights into the design and development of truly novel solutions.
  • Encounter methods for unarticulated user needs discovery, distributed ideation and feedback, persona construction and a new approach to Retrospectives.
  • Experiment with our Cynefin and Agile hexi facilitation kits, designed to support collective sense-making, planning and co-creation conversations and workshops.

Scaling in Complexity

  • Scaling AGILE and complex methods presents a complex challenge in itself. In a complex system, scaling works through decomposition and recombination, not aggregation, demanding a different approach.
  • Explore complexity-based approaches to scaling… decomposition and recombination and processes to establish the optimal level of coherence for scalability.
  • Discover opportunities and approaches to create space for complexity, innovation and emergence, even within more structured or typical systems and processes.
  • How organizations can scale agility in ways congruent with complexity: explore the opportunities and limitations of taking Agile methods and principles beyond software development.
  • A vector theory of change: moving from a focus on individual mindset, to changing the environment and creating the conditions for emergence through affordances, agency and assemblages.

Dave Snowden

Dave Snowden, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer Cognitive Edge

Dave Snowden

Dave is a popular and passionate keynote speaker on complexity, knowledge management, and decision-support, and is well known for his pragmatic cynicism and iconoclastic style. He is an international authority on the application of complexity theory to organisations, strategy, and decision support and has written articles and scholarly works on leadership, knowledge management, strategic planning, conflict resolution, weak signal detection, and organisational development.

Dave is the originator of the Cynefin framework, and continues to apply and evolve its use as a practical application of complexity theory to management science. He holds an MBA from Middlesex University, and a BA in Philosophy from Lancaster University.

Dave is also the lead author of the recently published ”Managing complexity (and chaos) in times of crisis: A field guide for decision-makers”, a shared effort between the Joint Research Centre (JRC), the European Commission’s science and knowledge service, and the Cynefin Centre.

In partnership

This event is hosted in local partnership with itonic Agility Advisors.

Rescheduling & Cancellation

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Voluntary cancellations are permitted up to 3 weeks prior to the course start and a 50% refund will be provided. No refunds for cancellations made 3 weeks or less prior to event. Attendee substitutions are permitted at any time.


Cognitive Edge reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule training sessions if staff illness or lockdowns prevent us proceeding. In the event of cancellation or rescheduling, a registered attendee can request a full refund of course fees. Refunds will be processed within ten (10) business days of refund request.

About the Cynefin Company

The Cynefin Company (formerly known as Cognitive Edge) was founded in 2005 by Dave Snowden. We believe in praxis and focus on building methods, tools and capability that apply the wisdom from Complex Adaptive Systems theory and other scientific disciplines in social systems. We are the world leader in developing management approaches (in society, government and industry) that empower organisations to absorb uncertainty, detect weak signals to enable sense-making in complex systems, act on the rich data, create resilience and, ultimately, thrive in a complex world.

Cognitive Edge Ltd. & Cognitive Edge Pte. trading as The Cynefin Company and The Cynefin Centre.

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