Red eye, Randanistas & recovery (partial)

November 6, 2008

A few nights with more than three hours sleep and adopting a near starvation diet for four days has me more or less on my feet (Thanks to all who emailed concerns). I managed to teach over the last four days, including one day (Wednesday) when we were running three courses around the world. Michael picked up day three of the course I started in Vancouver, while I started a inhouse programme for NavAir down in Santa Clarita. While this was going on Steve and Chris ran one in Melbourne. Its a real sign of progress for Cognitive Edge that we can do that.

Of course this improvement may not last. I now have two red eyes, tonight to Toronto, then Halifax for a day of meetings, then from Halifax to London to arrive Saturday morning. Short flight times as well so limited sleep. Two other irritations have not helped. Firstly the loss of my Mont Blanc pens somewhere in transit from Vancouver to LAX is both financial and sentimental. Secondly a increasing pathetic set of encounters with a Randanista editor on the Wikipedia whose extreme right wing views are typified by this scary article. Said editor is now vandalising the Knowledge Management article in an attempt to get me to stop preventing his attempt to define objectivism by the ideology (I refuse to call it a philosophy) of Ayn Rand. Now I engaged with the Knowledge Management article about two years ago at the request of others and got it into some sort of order and have protected it since. However I am not sure I have the energy for dealing with this as very few other people seem interested in the article. So if no one else gets involved I am going to abandon it to the vandals.

Back to more serious blogging over the next few days assuming I have no relapse

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