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August 29, 2013

I'm in danger of having a whole month without blog posts, so just as August draws to a close I thought I had better get my act together!   It has been a frantic and stressful, closing our financial year (we continue to make a profit but its been hard work with the recession) and my first full Diabetes tests being the main events.  The latter was stressing me but I am pleased to say all blood levels are now normal and I have lost 35lb in just over three months.  Anything less given the severity of the diet would have depressed me.  So no need for pills and I am also doing well enough to come of the statins for a test period. I also qualify for a reversal programme which is going to be hard.  I also got the results of the MRI scan which was not the worst of news, but it does mean I have to build my lumbar muscles to compensate or an arthritic spinal segment in that region.  Interestingly without that problem the diabetes might not have been spotted.

The net result of this has been a flurry of medical and other appointments.  Dieticians, Physiotherapy, Pilates classes and a forthcoming assessment of my work station. I have nasty feeling the Roll Top Desk and Captain's Chair (pictured) may have to go once that is complete.   The dietary regime continues though and being at home in August I have taken the opportunity to up the exercise regime and take on board a series of apps.  One counts calories, another records steps and yet another tells me about foods before I buy them.  I&#3#39;m also going to have to see a Taylor – a lot of clothes no longer fit.

I've just about got it all stabilised though so I can get back to daily blogging.  Expect:

  • Starting tomorrow I will begin a series of posts following  the recent Seattle session, with a more developed set of Cynefin domain models and a new representation of how they all fit together which maps back to Cynefin.
  • I will backfill a range of walks on the appropriate dates.  That includes walks in Oregon and the Cascades as well as most of the Wye Valley Walk. I've also restored by old Audax bike so that will feature
  • A few posts will summarise my experience of two Ring cycles this year – Berlin and Seattle
  • Then I have new thinking on attitudinal auditing which also links to new SenseMaker® offerings called 'scans'

Also don't forget that we have the new training courses up on the web site.  The one in London in September will be mostly taught my me (probably the last time) and is residential – although guaranteed beds are about to go so move quickly.

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