Rosy fingered dawn and a white frozen creek

January 25, 2009

P1010101.JPG With apologies to Homer.

I have come to the end of my week of writing with Mary and leave to day for Halifax, by way of brunch and lunch with old friends. I am going to miss Old Glory and the rhythm of days spent in good company and intelligent conversation. This morning I got up early and walked down the road with the camera to capture the light and texture of water, ice and leafless trees. Essex is a lively spot and last night, my final night here on this trip we went for drinks at a local house to talk science & literature, then onto a farewell meal with Mary and her husband.

I have been blessed over the years with co-authors. My two articles with Cynthia Kurtz will I think stand the test of time, Mark Lazaroff and I put together a great chapter on complexity in the context of counter terrorism and the chapter on narrative that was largely written by Gary Oliver annoyed David Boje in all the right ways and is a great review of the field of narrative work over the ages. More recently with Jochum Stienstra some of the applications of narrative to market research have started to get attention in the market research community an with Annabelle Mark the health sector. The great thing about joint authors is compatibility and difference. You need to share enough to have a common purpose with the article, but to be different enough that the product is more than the sum of the two. I think Mary and I achieved that with the Harvard Article. This week we completed a proposal for another Harvard article which will hopefully be accepted and out in June/July (subject narrative research). We also got the book outline complete with between 500 and 3000 words per chapter. So more progress in one week than in the previous three years. More on that as we progress, and more blogs on aspects of the book. I owe an update on the Handy curves but that will have to wait for tonight.

NOTE: The two articles with Cynthia are available here and here. Others cannot be but on the site so here are the references.

Mark, A & Snowden, D (2004) “Researching practice or practising research – innovating methods in healthcare the contribution of Cynefin” Presented paper at the Organisational Behaviour in Health Care Conference on the theme of Innovation held by the Centre for Health and Policy Studies (CHAPS) University of Calgary at the Banff Centre Alberta Canada

Oliver, G.R./Snowden, D.J. (2005): Patterns of narrative in organizational knowledge sharing: Refolding the envelope of art-Luddism and techno-fabulism. In: Schreyögg, G./Koch, J. (Eds.): Narratives and knowledge management. Exploring the links between organizational storytelling and knowledge management. Berlin: Erich Schmidt Verlag, 15-72.

Lazaroff, M & Snowden, D “Anticipatory modes for Counter Terrorism” in Popp, R & Yen, J Emergent Information Technologies and Enabling Policies for Counter-Terrorism Wiley-IEEE Press 2006

Jochum Stienstra, Dave Snowden )2007) Stop asking questions:Understanding how consumers make sense of it all Congress 2007 – Excellence – Celebrating 60 years ISBN: 92-831-0208-8

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