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SenseMaker® Pulses

The Cynefin Company has created a series of “Pulse” offerings around key topics in each of the programme areas, where the implementation process is guided by our experienced consultants. If you’re new to SenseMaker or looking for something to trial before conducting your own bespoke project or taking out a membership, Pulses are a great way to start! Take a look at our existing Pulses below:

Pulse Categories

Pulse Categories
  • Power, Discrimination & Conflict (9)
  • The Numinous (3)
  • Health & Care (2)
  • Citizen Engagement & Democratic Innovation (1)

Exploring employee trust in workplace leadership. What level of trust exists? How does this impact their behaviour and the workplace culture? What improvements can be made? This SenseMaker® pulse is designed to explore exactly that.



Exploring how migrants adapt to their new home. What does it mean for migrant communities to integrate into their country of arrival? What motivated them to leave their home? Do people want to adopt their new country’s customs or keep their own? SenseMaker® is a safe place where refugees and migrants can tell their own stories. 


Exploring organisational gender-based discrimination. Whether deliberate or unconscious, bias makes it difficult for women to move ahead. Knowing that bias exists isn’t enough. Action is needed to level the playing field. The SenseMaker®  pulse is designed to collect experiences of gender bias. Together we can forge gender equality.


To understand domestic violence. What does it mean for a victim-survivor to re-build their life after leaving domestic abuse? What obstructed them most in their healing journey? What do they think was the most lasting impact of domestic abuse? With this new SenseMaker® project, we don’t have to imagine. We’re asking victim-survivors for their stories.


To understand volunteer experiences. So what motivates a volunteer to offer their services for a cause? Why give up precious time and carefully honed skills for free? Is it a passion for the cause? A need to give back? A way to develop transferable skills for paid employment? With this new SenseMaker® project, we don’t have to imagine.


To understand the effects of collective trauma. Increasingly, we are understanding the long lasting impact of trauma on individuals and families. What happens when an entire culture is traumatised? SenseMaker® is a safe place where people can tell their own stories anonymously, giving us an honest snapshot into the way people think across the globe. 


To record the stories of survivors of war. This Pulse asks survivors for their stories, creating a record of those who lived or are living in the heart of conflict. The stated or hidden political aims of a conflict can sometimes diverge sharply from the perspectives of people on the ground.


To detect the conditions that produce corruption. Corruption is pervasive and difficult to catch. By asking for the voices of many within a community rather than the voice of a few arbitrarily selected leaders we maximise our potential to catch it out.


To mediate conflict. This is not always as straightforward as it first appears. This pulse has been designed to differentiate between conflict and abuse, styles of approaching conflict, understanding the nature of harm, and lastly what repair should look like.

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