Sick Stigma

January 7, 2008

When even Tom Davenport argues that a process based approach is limited you have to sit up and take notice. He needs to go a step further though. For complex issues and problems (Tom had a down on complexity theory a few years ago, but then he only saw it as modeling) we need to ambiguate not disambiguate problems to allow novel and innovate solutions to emerge. That would be a big step for Tom, but for the moment 2½ cheers.

PS – to repeat past postings before anyone thinks I am arguing against any formal or structured approach: there is nothing wrong withthese within boundaries, but anything you can legitimately do with Six Sigma you can do with cheaper, better proven BPR methods. No need for the cultism (elitism in Tom’s language) of belts!

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Gouge out your eyes with a rusty synecdoche

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John Maloney over on the Prediction Markets Google group picked up on the following quote ...

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