Small countries, big ideas

October 5, 2014

For the last year with Bangor University and the Welsh Audit Office I've been working on our Small Countries Big Ideas initiative.   The basic idea is to create a series of properly researched programmes using SenseMaker® in the areas of health, social services and development.    In all these areas we have existing projects and a lot of excitement.   However for the next stage of our development we need to have a more controlled, less ad hoc approach along with proper research and papers describing what happens and also what needs to be changed.

We went public with it today, using a broadcast to members of the network and within the first day we have had sign ups, offers to help do the analysis and interest in replicating the process in other countries.   One person from Australia booked their flight within minutes (thanks Viv!).   I can't really add much to the description in the paper that I produced for this with the help of Jules and others.  I've reproduced the invitation bellow for those not on the list.

This is the first of a series of such events.  With the investment we have put into SenseMaker® over the last few years we can now start to move away from unique projects with high set up costs to complete programmes with lower cost of entry.  Expect a raft of HR offerings soon with a narrative based 360º feedback tool for leaders and individuals at its core along with Culture and Knowledge Scan.  I'm also working on an equivalent programme for the Agile community linked to user requirements capture and software testing.   Anyone specifically interesting in helping design that let me know.

Finally, for those fit enough who come and are interested, there will be a guided hike across Moel Shiabod, and down across the moor to Nant Gwynant on the Sunday before, possibly by way of Cnict for those fit enough.  Those interested should let Jules know and also be aware that you will need boots and waterproof gear.


Small Countries Founding Programme: Invitation to the Project Design Phase, 27-28 Oct

This autumn, Cognitive Edge together with participation from Bangor University and the Wales Audit Office will be launching the ‘Small Countries’ Founding Programme with select invitees from agencies in various public and development sectors.  Caernarfon, the administrative and historical capital of stunning Gwynedd, North Wales, will be the site of this launch event over two days.

Referencing David Snowden’s white paper, which was circulated in a recruitment drive in September, this two-day project definition phase will be run as a series of workshops, providing basic training in techniques, and will also focus on project definition and planning for those engaged.

Participation in this phase not only provides delegates with the rare opportunity to learn from established SenseMaker® projects in Northern Ireland, Wales and the international development sector in one space, it gives them the opportunity to contribute to and shape the course of this groundbreaking programme.

Organisations interested in partnering should attend this founding programme, as the intention is to replicate this in other countries.

Register your interest by filling out the form or sending an email to Jules, Cognitive Edge’s in situ representative.  She will reserve a place for you or your organisation’s representative.

Please note that delegates are responsible for arranging their own travel and lodging for these two days.  Options in neighbouring Bethesda are the Snowdonia Mountain Lodge and the Joys of Life; in Bangor the Management Centre, and in Caernarfon the Premier Inn and any number of waterfront hotels.

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