So quick bright things come to confusion

July 7, 2012

June may contain the summer solstice, but for me there have not been enough hours in the day and the blog has been neglected in consequence.  I have to complete the exaptation stuff not to mention dealing with the issues of accreditation, professionalism and standardisation which are raising their ugly head again in the KM community.  Agile and the upcoming CalmBeta need a post or two and I really need to bring the blog uptodate with some new thinking around complexity in general.

Unfortunately June was a washout both figuratively and well as physically.  Not only was it wet beyond belief but it was also busy.  I went straight from the Hay Festival to Burkina Faso, my first time in French West Africa.  The people were wonderful, the project exciting.  However I now know you should not eat chicken outside, where you can hardly see the table.  Four weeks later, I think I am over it, but the 12th the 17th were shall we say interesting.  I was more concerned with the location of the nearest washroom than anything else.   I flew back and straight into a keynote at KMUK, which went rather well.  Nothing like really not wanting to live and not having a shower for 48 hours to make you focus on an audience.  My post conference tweak Sharepoint is to KM what Six Sigma is to Innovation got the most retweets of any.  Wales of course should have won two, and could have won three matches in Australia but managed to loose all three.

Being ill when you run a small company is not really an option.  All that happens is that papers, proposals, reports and (this blog) all fall behind, email builds up to frightening levels and you get no sleep!    Some things went well.  We got the first Advanced Course up and running and I enjoyed teaching that, next opportunity in Amsterdam.  I enjoyed myself with Agile42 in Berlin and with Euan in Trieste (my bit starts at 18 minutes in but listen to the whole thing).  I also managed at least one long walk and the odd bike ride.  In addition planning has started for my 60 at 60 walk around Wales in 2013 (I am 60, I think I can do it in 60 days).  More on that over the next eighteen months.  Oh and daughter graduated in Anthropology with a 2:1 and has been accepted into an MA in Anthropology and Development (good news but expensive).

But I have much catching up to do, so apologies for all and any neglect

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