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August 14, 2006

I got copied on a great email earlier this week. It was from someone we had trainied on the recent accreditation course in Brisbane. I have replaced names with “X” and “Y”.

Hi all. Recently I facilitated a review of the XXX run “Stylin Up”. Its a community owned process of building capacity in the indigenous community esp. re young people that culminates in 10-15,000 people attending a hip hop event in YYYYY. (very short version of the story)
Anyhow used Cognitive Edge- collected some stories before, showed video and got participants to tell stories. Gathered values, themes and people on hexies and then had the groups place in Cynefin.
Was an incredibly powerful process with light bulbs going off.
The group of XXXers, external partners and others want to run a similar process with a group of 30-40 community members at YYYYY Elders Sept .
Anyone interested/ available to assist? Let me know as soon as possible so I can include you in pre planning.

I like this for several reasons but two in particular

Firstly it is the third engagement, and the third successful engagement with the indigenous communities of Australia using narrative and complexity techniques. In all three cases there has been an instinctive understanding of the process, and a willingness to engage. In a sense the process is itself a journey that can not be second guessed by people with an interest in the outcome.

Secondly, we have someone reaching out to the wider network to engage in the follow through project. Not trying to hoard future business but embracing the philosophy of abundance which is at the heart of open source.

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