Soon my country you will be rich

June 1, 2009

And while we are on the subject of the BBC iPlayer and culture, this is a real treasure. Only the Welsh could assemble a group of poets to write about Rugby, and with evocative beauty. Unexpectedly it starts with the Props, with a wonderful linkage with the wooden props of the mines from which many of the great players of the past came. The hooker is a unsung hero of a mythic art. For the second row we have striding tall in places where strong men have sometimes lost their souls. Flank forwards are Jokers in the pack, sharks at the edge of the reef, unbinding and out of their traps. This is wonderful and we haven’t even got to the backs yet, we still have the number 8 who carries the ball pressed to his heart of the mud and the bone.

Half back, switch back, kickback, the spinner weaving the pattern of the match is a sublime description of the scrum half Turn like a key in the game’s lock, I dreamt I opened a door in the sky captures the romance of the fly half. the poet then describes her desire to “consecrated the centres with a sense of urgency and power” and does this wonderfully: as the ghosted stream become rivers in spate. For the wings we are talking about the mystery of evasion and speed, sinew and nerve, to quick to far. We reach an end now, Still but less often there is time to look up and catch an idea as it falls demonstrates the presence of the full back for whom time’s egg spins on its axis.

A dragon with 15 hearts …..

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