Starvation and storms

December 23, 2013

A rather storm wracked day.  I started it with a blood test which required me to starve from 2200 the previous night and I must admit to some nervousness about the results, due next week.  I assume its all going to be OK and I passed a psychological milestone with now less that ten kilos to loose to hit my target weight.  Then, following a hasty coffee to the opticians to be fitted for a contact lens.  They have come up with novel idea of my wearing one in my left eye to correct it for long vision (my right eye is generally fine) when I go hill walking.  That means I will not have to face fogged up glasses covered in rain drops.  On Pen-y-fan a week or so ago my vision was severely impaired.  I finally managed to get it in and was sent for a walk to see how it worked.  An odd sensation as it was the first time I have been without glasses since I was 17.  I had always been put off contact lens after watching my sister go through agony with them when young.  I still remember one day climbing Pen yr Ole Wen when dust got under what were then glass lens.  I had to improvise a tent with my walking cape and then escort her down, step by guided step.  Those memories stay with you but I need not have worried.  I hardly noticed it after a few minutes.  So back to the opticians and a nightmare ten minutes learning how to remove them and I left with a small supply to experiment with this week.   Looking good and should improve the overall walking experience.

By the time I had finished the wind and the rain were intensifying and I had shall we say an interesting drive to a lunch time meeting in a pub in the Vale of the White Horse.  A nice enough place but nothing I could eat on the menu.  I then had to make it back in time to do the first ever webcast to Cognitive Edge premium members on the complex domain model.  I was late thanks to flooded roads and torrential rain so it was 1530 before I had anything at all to eat other than a coffee first thing!   The plan is to do these webcasts monthly as the first of a series of initiatives to provide additional value to premium members.   We are also looking for other ideas and comments, so all welcome.   

Finally that evening to the local pub/restaurant (the best in the area if you are ever in the are of Avebury and looking for somewhere to eat) for a birthday meal for my son.  When your children are adults the nature of these events changes and with a private room we had a good chance to talk.  I also finally, at long long last, got something to eat!   Driving back we had to navigate a flood and then shift a tree that had fallen onto the road.  Net result an imperative to light the wood burner and settle down to a film with a glass of Penderyn and prepare for the early morning ritual of collecting the Turkey and shopping for Christmas meals tomorrow.

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