Stationery addiction spreads

October 15, 2006

I see that Shawn has confessed his stationery fetishm by demonstrating his new ability to write a name on a grain of rice!. As readers will know I owned up to addiction back in August. I ‘ve realised that its genetic as well. On my last day in Singapore I had to make a special visit to the Kinokuniya Bookshop which has some of the best B6 loose leaf notebooks around: a much better size than A5 or A4, but nothing will ever beat foolscape (or legal to use the US expression). My daughter on her visit to Singapore during my sabbatical had persuaded her father to buy some, and I will now have to visit Singapore on monthly basis to supply her craving …..

Addition: thanks to Andrew Campona for many gifts, but for this reference to a bindery where you can make up your own notebooks …..:

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