Stationery fetishism

August 20, 2006

As some of you know I have a long term stationery fetish. When I was young I used to spend my pocket money on different types of notebooks which were used for a week and then abandoned. I am currently resisting the temptation to buy a wonderful B5 filing system from the Japanese bookshop in Singapore which is just crying out to be used. I discovered that I shared this problem with Larry Prusak back in IKM days when at a conference in Palm Beach we went for a trip to Levengers for a couple of hours. No one in IBM believed that we had spent those hours in a stationery store and I was accused of some form of political pre-conference conspiracy!

Either way for all those fellow suffers, you may enjoy this wonderfully useful web site, originally supplied courtesy of Cynthia Kurtz. In the mean time I hereby stand up and clearly state “My name is David and I am a stationery …..”

Written from Hong Kong Airport after three days and just under 50 hours of occupying aircraft and airports – back to a serious blog tomorrow.

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  1. […] ability to write a name on a grain of rice!. As readers will know I owned up to addiction back in August. I 've realised that its genetic as well. On my last day in Singapore I had to make a special visit […]

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