Tales of a Wikipedia virgin

August 13, 2006

Last night, suffering from writers block I checked out the Wikipedia entry on Knowledge Management (KM). Now I have long used this as an example of how not to socially construct knowledge. The entry was partial, incomplete and ignored most of the founders of KM as a movement. To be honest it looked like something knocked together by a 15 year old in the first flushes of teenage male arrogance. We all go through it, but hopefully we grow out of it. I blushed the other day reading an essay I wrote at 17 on the problem of evil (never open boxes in your parents’ loft). Either way as I strolled through the comments section I found that someone has suggested the author broaden his scope and bit and had referenced my work. The author (to my mind now a lanky and clumsy 15 year old with spots called Clint) had responded to say that having goggled some web site (now that is deep research) he didn’t think that Snowden challenged Nonaka’s distinction between tacit and explicit knowledge.

Now people keep telling me that I should stop complaining about the KM entry and do something about it, so I did. Incidentally having started I have continued, so some support would be appreciated as Clint has more energy for this than I do. In this first attempt I made a set of changes and also in response to the comment said “for the avoidance of doubt Snowden does not accept Nonaka’s distinction”. I am new to this medium so I did not indicate who I was (although to anyone who knows the field it was fairly self evident). Minutes later my changes were amended and Clint informed me that I was wrong about Snowden and had obviously either not read his work, or had failed to understand it. Hubris.

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