The first time….Back from Cornwell..

May 31, 2009

Hi All,
This is my first time blogging…. So, let’s start and se how it goes… We just got back from a week in Cornwell with the children as last week was half term. Yesterday we had excellent weather and we went down to the beach in Sennen. Now before I continue you should know that I am Italian, I grew up in Naples and spent the first 23 summers of my life between Sorrento, Ischia, Capri and the Amalfi Coast. For the ones who have not been there summers in the south of Italy can be HOT, I mean really hot, 35 C + and the Mediterranean is nice and warm, especially in July and August. So my mental image of the “beach” is, sunny, hot, sun shades, and be in the water because it is simply too hot not to get wet… Now, this is how I have been conditioned to think during my first 23 years if my life (I still remember as a child that my parents would not allow me in the water too early in the day because it was too cold… More on my upbringing later on, as I am going through a period of rethinking of my own history…)
When we got down to beach in Sennen, one could see wind protectors after wind protectors, people dressed up and people putting on wet suites before ging in the water to surf…Now my brain was telling me, this is not what you know as a beach… It is alien, it is different it is dangerous grin
But I was really tempted to do body boarding; it just looks such good fun… I really wanted to go in. My desire was in sharp conflict with my “educational conditioning”… I ended up going in the water (after renting a wet suite and a body board), I had to get out, when I could not feel my feet and my hands any more because of the cold, but I had a really great time….. So it was a good holiday with some small but interesting challenges….

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