The man in black speaks

April 4, 2008

Nasty shock this morning. I am sitting in the Living room, catching up on email and watching the news and guess who pops up on the BBC breakfast news but Euan Semple, dressed from head to foot in matt black. He was described as an Internet Security Advisor and was speaking with Annie Mullins who is a Home Office Advisor. Love the new title Euan!

The discussion related to regulation of the internet in respect of child pornography on social computing sites. Euan made the critical point that parents have to be engaged and aware with how social computing in order to have conversations with their children. I agree, the best regulation is always self-regulation and attempts to remove parental responsibility through government regulation in this regard will not work. If you are engaged then you can pick up on the weak signals in conversation with your children that might indicate a problem.

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