Tiger Tiger in the night …

December 11, 2009

How can a man fail to finish a fortnight of blogging without a comment on the worlds’ number one golfer? Obviously I cannot. But it is not really the golf thing on which I want to comment. How can people think about what Tiger has accomplished in sport and his life in a balanced way?
It seems that a gender argument is a must. It seems that blame focussed on Tiger is a must. It seems like, the very attractive young women were somehow seduced into a relationship with this married family man through no real activity on their part, well no, we know that can’t really be true. His sponsors, horrified by the assault on family values and the consequent threat to their brand image and thus sales.
So, what is all the hoo haa about, really, I mean he has not assaulted any young women or even engaged with them in any way against their will. It is not like every one of the young women did not know he was married to another attractive young woman with whom he had children of whom he was very fond. Hmmm… so what reeeaaally is this about. Apart from his wife who we might all assume has a legitimate cause to be angry and upset, and his children, what is it about him and his behaviour that at its core gets us all going?
What about it got you going?
Phill Boas
And au revoir

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