To explain but not excuse

July 14, 2013

I had a whole series of blog posts mapped out to fill in the month gap since my last posting but there just hasn't been the time.  So while I will put in some backfill ones for the record I resolved on arrival early this morning in Singapore that I need to just write something every day rather than have grand plans.   Life is busy at the moment anyway and my resolution to put my health first for a change impacts on time. I'm also still going through the assessment process.  So far the eyes are OK, next up a full set of bloods to see just how good/bad the position is, results in August I think.   On the management side diet has proved easy, with diabetes there are so many things you can't eat its easy to loose weight.  I am wearing ten year old suits this week in Singapore which means a shirt and a tie which will be a shock.  Nothing else fits.

Exercise on the other hand takes time and can't be skimped.  Aside from the criticality of it for the diabetes the MRI scan revealed a worn joint in my lower spine and to make sure my leg doesn't carry on going numb from time to time I need to up the exercise regime.  That will develop muscles in the region in order that should mean the nerve doesn't get trapped. I also need make sure I use the treking poles on any step descents and go slowly, not to mention checking the angle of my spine on the bike.  I've also been told to take up Pilates exercises which starts with a six week intensive process so that is going to be a pain.  The apparatus looks pretty scary as well (see picture) and it doesn't look like something I can carry around with me!   I'm not sure about my discipline there by the way.  A day walking or on the bike I find an easy discipline than an hour on the gym, I've never been able to make that work.

So all of that is an explanation, but not an excuse for the lack of posts.  I need to get back to blogging on a daily basis and will start tomorrow with the first of five posts that will reflect on the Singapore IRAHS week.  I'll also post a few historical blogs for a few key events over the last few days.

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