Train to London today….

June 2, 2009

On the train to London today for some internal meetings… I must say I do not share Dave “love for trains”… Specially the ones to London…. The journey always takes longer than planned, the tube is one of the worst places you will see in UK. Most people are stressed out, nobody is talking to anybody else. It seems to be that the non verbal communication says, I really do not want to be here, but I am because I have to!! Not sure if I am reading too much into this. Just stopped in Reading and getting “funny” looks from a couple of guys, as saying, you are sitting in MY sit, I come here every day and you just show up and take my sit (or is it me giving funny looks to people)! We are territorial beings. This is MY sit now….

I did like trains, when I was younger I would travel with InteRail in the summer in Europe. I loved it, I liked the “discovery” related to travelling to places you have not be before, and with the freedom to stop where you like when you like, sometime simply because you like the look of the town. But this journey (and many of the ones I currently do for business) have lost that component. It is simply getting there as soon as you can, and do what you have too….

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