Travelling in hope

April 16, 2008

Having survived the stress of checking a bag into Terminal 5, it popped up on the belt at Malpensa airport but that may have used up my quota of luck for the day. I am now enjoying the normal uncertainty of working in Italy, namely no one is at the airport to pick me up and no one is answering their mobile phones. It does always work out in Italy (well, a friend of mind once ended up in a brothel in Milan, rather than a hotel in Piacenza, but he was a Navy Officer), but I must admit to some nervousness. Either way I am heading in the direction of where I think the conference is, somewhere north of Lugano. I should make it to Switzerland, but I may end up on the park bench. The secret is not to worry (although that is difficult). I remember walking up and down the station in Milan looking for the train to Piacenza once and could not find it. It was only when I gave up, sat down and had a coffee that it appeared. Attempting to make the system works fails, adopting an it will work out philosophy has always succeeded in the past. I will now travel in the hope that it will do so tonight. If you don’t hear from me by the weekend send out the search parties and drag Lago Maggiore

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