Trusting in the least worst

May 6, 2010

The politicians are arriving at their final destinations for polling day in the UK, and the electorate will begin voting from 7am until 10pm morning – at least I hope they will, whatever they vote it is important to use this hard won privelege.

Meanwhile speculation has been rife about what the response will be by the various politicians to a hung parliament, to which none have been prepared to reply. The main problem is that speculation is fruitless because no one knows what of many configurations this might be so it is ptetty likely we will see some retrospective coherence once the numbers are in as it is a complex situation. What the result may potentially represent however is the Cynefin fifth domain of disorder, full of argument and the jostle for legitimacy in the immediate aftermath unless an overall majority appears which seems unlikely. How evere no one seems to have been able to show convincing arguments about their vision of the future except in very general terms, ao a sense of direction is lacking and all have stayed tight lipped about the way they will address the coming austerity – while this latter approach may be advisable it has also left the electorate confused and cross at not being entrusted with the information; more than once what I have heard people say of their voting choice is that it is the least worst option from a bad bunch. So what is the real problem with the election then – not the problems per se the country will face but the uncertainty about how these will be tackled or even in some a disbelief that there really is a looming problem. Reality will only bite one a government is established and starts to roll out change at which point we may see another election to confirm who really should be in power, so tomorrows result may only be the beginning …………………..

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