Umbria: Gubbio

September 10, 2013

Well my resolution to convert my owls to larks failed miserably but I was compensated by having the swimming pool to myself in the early hours.  After clearing the various dead insects (a remarkable variety) I had a relaxing 50 lengths or so, counting is difficult when distracted, without company.  By midday my frustration levels were building but I finally persuaded the party that a trip to Gubbio would constitute a good afternoon's trip.  Even then it took an hour to assemble people and get on the road.  The approach to what is billed as one of the most complete medieval towns in the area but the approach is through an industrial area.  Once you get there parking is easy and the majesty of the place is evident.

We walked up through the town and my stationary fetish came to the fore in a great shop selling various leather bound notebooks.  I tore myself away as I planned to make the Funicular ascent to the Basilica di Sant'Ubaldo.  Now this is not just an ordinary funicular, as you see from the picture it is more like an enlarged series of parrot's cages strung together on a wire.  In the picture one cage contains daughter and friend.  You needed a head for heights to handle the ascent but the views were reward enough. 

Once at the top we had coffee, went to the Church and I then tried to persuade the rest of the party (aged between 20 and 24) to climb the hill behind.  Without exception they refused and so I set off up the hill at a good pace.  That itself, without treking poles was reward enough.  A year ago I would have gone slowly or used the excuse of staying with the rest of the party to avoid the climb.  Now I revealed in it.  At the top there are two ruined watch towers and spectacular views.  I've used one panorama below and other pictures can be found here.

I got to the top and really wished I had got there in the morning as I could then have carried on the marked path and up the ridge to the right before returning.  But it was late and I needed to return so I did.  The trip down in the funicular was more entertaining than the ascent but on return I fell into temptation and returned to that leather shop to procure the folder and two blank books for use.  I also succumbed to having my initials embossed with heated type onto the cover.   Now I have to find a use for it!

Tomorrow the plan is for Assisi with a side trip to Perugia to visit the tourist office and investigate water sports to satiate the wish of two members of the party.  

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