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Emerging from the 2008 global crisis the Russian government made the economic development of its regions a strategic priority. But amidst the usual top-down planning discussions senior dissenting voices were beginning to be heard. “Investment in our regions will not increase until we improve the attractiveness of their business climates,” argued the Chief Economic Advisor to the President in 2012, “but we will not improve those business climates until we start looking at them through the eyes of investors we need to attract.”

KPMG and the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) used SenseMaker® to take on this ‘bottom-up’ challenge in its bi-annual report looking at the state of Russia’s regions. ‘Taking the Investor Perspective’ explored the reality on the ground by looking through the eyes of those foreign investors (who have greater choice about where to invest) with business in Russia’s regions. The final report – released in 2013 at an all-Russia round table headed by the Prime Minister – described the real challenges the regions face and the issues they needed to address.

The project was led by Marcus Guest, Narrative Insights.

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