Wealth Distribution

March 9, 2009

I am making my way through the The Strategic Mind and it is a very interesting read. David referenced the book on a recent post and I have always been impressed by his selections. However, the more I learn about complexity the more I note that personal ideology can often sway ones adherence to the implications of complexity. Specifically, it was interesting to consider Bob’s opining on the global distribution of wealth as an “issue” and recent research findings by Geoffery West. Principallly, West’s findings appear to indicate that social phenomena in cities (innovation, disease, cell phone usage, walking speed…) scale superlinearly (exponentially / dominated by power laws). If this is the case, and as Dr. West indicates more people are moving to cities, is it conceivable that wealth distribution is equally dominated by superlinearity and as result the “leveling” of the distribution is both an unhelpful goal, but also equally an unobtainable goal?

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