Web 2.0 Cults, amorality and new age re-discovered

August 9, 2006

Steve Barth and I, in between too many other things are writing a chapter for a book on Web 2.0 and its implications. The book looks to be fairly evangelic in nature (given the material so far) so the pair of us will provide a cynical (in the best sense of the word, Antisthenes, Diogenes and others had a lot going for them) counter balance. Steve who, unlike many of his colleagues, gives journalism a good name has been ferreting around looking up material and came up with this outstanding and well written piece from October last year. It reflects a lot of my concerns about the cult like and pseudo-religious outpourings of many of the extreme and the not so extreme web advocates. The comments to it are also interesting many displaying the sort of primative name calling that often comes with challenges to irrational belief systems.

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