Which philosopher are you?

May 13, 2008

A new application on Facebook is What French Philosopher are you? I find these things to be addictive and fun so I joined and ended up as Albert Camus which is fine by me. As for Sartre his best philosophy was achieved through literature; Roads to Freedom carries far more meaning than Being and Nothingness as well as being significantly more digestible. 30% of my friends got the same answer, the same percentage were Voltaire. 6% for Descartes which is a worry (who are these people), Bergson, Derrida and Sartre to be expected. I then got carried away and did the German option ending up as Heidegger. I was worried that might be the case given the odd provocation from Boisot over the years. 21% of my friends were the same so that is some comfort, but the vast majority (37%) ended up as Liebniz with a few for Kant, Marx and Hursserl not to mention a strong showing for Nietzsche.

Much more fun (and the same validity) as the nonsense that is Myers-Briggs; maybe there is a new business here with suitable outcomes? All those scoring for Satre being required to plunge a knife through their hand while attempting to seduce young students? It would make the HR function a more interesting place to be.

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