Workforce change, and a network exemplar

May 3, 2009

Creating an open-source movement around consultancy methods was never going to be easy, but we are making progress. Getting a distributed network model in place for marketing was equally ambitious. Doing something new is never easy and possessiveness is a bigger problem than I thought. The philosophy of abundance is not the easiest thing for independent consultants to grasp, and for good reason. Combine that with the normal technologist belief that you should always reinvent the wheel rather than use other people’s material and you can see the problem.

Given that its always good news to see someone get it. This document exemplifies what we have always hoped to achieve, network members creating offerings of general utility to the network as a whole. This project looks at issues over the changing workforce, and while it is initially based in Australia it can be taken up worldwide. A common system will allow considerable learning (maybe even benchmarking) across countries. The basic structure of a training workshop, followed by practice then a workshop to pull things together is an established model within Cognitive Edge. I’ve used it several times and its adaptable. It means that clients understand more of what is possible before projects are defined, as a consultant you know more about the client after working together. In this case from Emerging Options we see that model taken up and extended to a generic field of study with good quality marketing material. If you want to know more contact Chris or Viv.

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