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January 29, 2008

The Six Nations is upon us (how could Gatland leave out Jenkins and Shanklin?) and it is time for my annual plea for the English to gain an identity. The table below illustrates the problem. See if you can see what is included in the name of all the Rugby Unions other than the English, and also note the National Anthems (for those not aware God Save the Queen is supposedly the National Anthem of Great Britain and Northern Ireland). My thoughts follow the table and I have provided recordings of the anthems, with a twist in the case of France and England. I have been a bit naughty with the Hakka as well, but then I think we were right to refuse them home advantage, playing away.

Country Name National Anthem
England Rugby Football Union God save the Queen
5 France French Rugby Federation La Marseillaise
2 Ireland Irish Rugby Football Union Ireland’s Call
4 Italy Italian Rugby Federation Il Canto degli Italiani
3 Scotland Scottish Rugby Union Flower of Scotland
1 Wales Welsh Rugby Union Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau

So its very simple, I am sure no English support really wants to claim that they are THE Rugby Union, and I am sure they would like their own anthem. Renaming should be easy, but the anthem is more difficult. Choosing Swing Low Sweet Chariot seems to be a bit of an insult. England was after all one of the main drivers of the slave trade. So in a spirit of (well something) how about The Floral Dance? That would also allow the donning of bells and handkerchiefs for an equivalent of The Hakka? The pace of my chosen rendering is about right for a forward dominated style as well.

Just trying to help ….

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