QuickSense: improve sense-making & decision-making in organisations

March 3, 2024

We are excited to launch our new line of QuickSense applications, built on SenseMaker®.

A QuickSense is a pioneering way to gather qualitative data about people’s observations and experiences, turned into analysis by the respondents themselves!  So, you get authentic analyses of real experiences, rather than external interpretations of them. Results are demonstrated using simple graphics that make it easy to spot patterns and themes. This perspective can reveal things we might ordinarily have missed.

Designed to improve sense-making in organisations, both in terms of situational assessment and decision-making, QuickSenses offer an easy-to-use entry to SenseMaker® for understanding attitudes as lead indicators and managing or micro-nudging the vectors and patterns of complex systems. 

Each QuickSense Product is comprised of:

  1. A QuickSense collector site where users can share their stories and opinions on a theme
  2. A QuickSense Report that presents graphics to help make sense of the collected data
  3. An in-depth interpretation manual/handbook to make sense of the patterns shown
  4. A dashboard for viewing the data (for Advanced options, additional service linked to consultancy)

It’s a simple, user-friendly tool that brings the Cynefin Co’s expert methods to a wider audience, including those who might not be familiar with academic-style research.


  • QuickSense allows a larger audience to benefit from our learnings and methodologies. Users get to experience and benefit of sensemaking and decision-making approaches without needing deep academic or technical expertise.
  • Emphasises the power of narrative, storytelling, distributed assessments and micro observations in understanding complex situations. QuickSense leverages this by allowing users to input qualitative data, not just quantitative metrics. This leads to a richer, more nuanced understanding of issues like employee engagement or organisational culture.
  • Pushes emergence and emergent understanding, Enables users to gather, understand and action data faster without the need for formal analysis, but can then develop into full analysis
  • Allows for fast feedback cycles, helping users adapt and respond quickly to emerging trends and patterns.
  • In particular with QuickSense is the ingraining of anticipatory awareness. By receiving regular reports showing the patterns a user can quickly start to understand when change is happening.
  • Teaches users to identify patterns, understand system dynamics, and make decisions that are appropriate for their specific context.
  • For those new to data analysis and sense-making, it provides an accessible starting point. It introduces users to key concepts and practices, laying a foundation for more advanced techniques and tools offered by The Cynefin Co.

Launching 3 QuickSense applications

With wide applications, initial launch offerings include understanding Culture, perceptions of AI and Agile transformations.

AI QuickSense 

Imagine if you could understand people’s attitudes surrounding AI and target adoption and promotion strategies accordingly; see how they feel the impact, hear their drivers and consider their perspectives for a more effective and frictionless AI strategy based on data instead of assumptions.

For many, simply the words “articifical intelligence” summon immediate reactions ranging from religious-like fervour to existential dread and everything in between. Knowing if people feel optimistic about AI adoption tells you nothing, but knowing what motivates them and how they perceive the ethical considerations can tell you how to take the next step.


Agile Culture QuickSense 

Missing the water cooler or management by walking around? Our Agile Culture QuickSense offers you a fast, insightful  “dipstick test” on your agile organisation, including how different subcultures are experiencing it differently. 

Backed by real examples to clarify context and surface unarticulated needs and opportunities, this QuickSense maps attitudes and perceptions as lead indicators of performance and innovation. Tap into real-time capture and self-reflection rather than lengthy retrospectives to get rapid, dynamic feedback on how agile is going in your organisation.


Culture QuickSense

What if the invisible and often intangible cultural patterns, beliefs and experiences were made visible? What if the voices of people from across the organisation could be harnessed to get a more holistic and diverse understanding and perspective of what it means to work with your organisation? 

Through a blend of quantitative and narrative, the SenseMaker® Culture QuickSense allows you to map and track culture and cultural shifts in your organisation, enabling you to see and understand the effects of change initiatives.

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