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August 18, 2010

I watched Rabbit Proof Fence with the children tonight (well at 18 & 21 children no longer). It is one of those films that everyone needs to watch. The story of the abduction of “half breed” children from their families in order to breed them back to pure white over three generations (see picture). The abductions continued until 1972 which shocked Huw & Eleanor. It was the year I went up to university and while I was more that aware of the situation in South Africa (I was an active member of the Anti-Aparthite movement) my generation had no idea of what was happening to the indigenous population of Australia. From the late seventies I started to be aware of the scale of the issue, initially around land rights in the Northern Territories when I was with the WSCF, at that time a radical organisation. What I never understood, and still don’t is why it didn’t get the same level of attention.

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