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November 25, 2010

It’s always easier when conference workshops follow the main event. Aside from the ability to recruit it means that you can simply offer to expand on the keynote subject over a longer period of time. This morning at KM Asia allowed me to do just that, and after doing the normal why are you here, what do you want to achieve it was pretty obvious that the best thing would be to run a half day KM course from a complexity perspective. What I used to call Organic Knowledge Management. I went back to the basics, seeing knowledge as the means by which information is created from data; Cynefin for communities; a project/portfolio based approach to knowledge strategy; then a finish with the 7 rules of KM. Slides and podcasts available starting here.

Now its always interesting to go over old material, with a more recent understanding. However it was very pleasing to realise the degree to which that early work on knowledge management followed the principles of complex adaptive systems management, before I had really started to research what is now variously known as cognitive complexity or naturalising sense-making. Distributing cognition, finely grained objects and disintermediation were all there in the original knowledge mapping/strategy method and I think it may be time to update some of that material into a new offering around organisational strategy in general. Something to think about on the plane back to the UK tomorrow.

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