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January 5, 2008

My Powerbook looks to be succumbing to the effects of too much travel and a few traumatic drops, that is to say it is freezing from time to time if it is moved. The poor thing has been badly treated and shows the scars. A consequence of this is that I may be out of email contact for a bit while the problem is fixed. It will also mess up some writing and other deadlines so apologies in advance. If you cannot get through then send an email to the general Cognitive Edge contact email address and someone will get a message to me.

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About the Cynefin Company

The Cynefin Company (formerly known as Cognitive Edge) was founded in 2005 by Dave Snowden. We believe in praxis and focus on building methods, tools and capability that apply the wisdom from Complex Adaptive Systems theory and other scientific disciplines in social systems. We are the world leader in developing management approaches (in society, government and industry) that empower organisations to absorb uncertainty, detect weak signals to enable sense-making in complex systems, act on the rich data, create resilience and, ultimately, thrive in a complex world.

Cognitive Edge Ltd. & Cognitive Edge Pte. trading as The Cynefin Company and The Cynefin Centre.


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