The unmerciful seat

August 3, 2009

  P8030047.JPG I spent form just after 1000 this morning until around 1530 sat on this stool with a break for lunch and the odd coffee. We had a great crew with Producer/Director, camera and sound and Chris sat in for good measure to advise and take notes. The idea was to professionally tape a load of material. That included several of the teaching stories, explanations of the Cynefin framework, the history of Cognitive Edge and some other bits and pieces. That material will be available on the web site and will also be used in training. Now its bad enough speaking without an audience, but having to repeat everything three times for different cameral angles is exhausting and a real test of memory. Mind you I was getting into the swing of it towards the end! The trick I find (and its not the first time) is to imagine you are doing a radio interview. That is always more intimate than an audience as its always (in effect) a one to one conversation. There is no trick for the repetition though, you just have to grin and bear it.

It will be a bit of time before they come out, but hopefully they will be useful! At the very least I now have all five domains of Cynefin, and the simple-chaotic boundary properly described. I enjoyed doing the history of Cognitive Edge as well, although we didn’t get round to the history of the Cynefin framework itself. That started as an adaption of Boisot’s i-Space (then it was a two by two) for use in knowledge management, and then migrated into the five domain model over a few years. I’ll have the blog that to create a record that someone else can use for the Wikipedia entry.

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