KMaus09: Day two first vendor of the day

August 6, 2009

Vendor presentations are a part of any conference, they make them possible so they deserve their slots. Some use it for boring sales presentations, others do more interesting things. This one is from Vignette. I always feel sorry for the presenters here. I remember when IBM tried to force Larry and I to take a company line at conferences. Fortunately we were invited despite the fact we worked for IBM, not because we did so we could fight back but these people get no choice. I like this guy as a person, but I sense a corporate slides et coming on

Starts with a reference to the Millennial generation who have never lived without the internet, reference to “email is only communicating with old people” from a report “Rise of the Millennials which is one of the more common urban myths around this generational stuff (in my experience any young person who joins a bank, becomes a banker ….)

Big theme is time to productivity which he says is 45 days in the US argues we have to reduce that time, followed by a barrage if statistics and anecdotes relating to current events in the US.

Usability and speed of use is key to success, mind shift away from top down and process to easy to use sites. Nielsen report on best internets and plans to show us how they were built with Vignette. Ratings and tagging make the context exciting (I’m just reporting here, definitely not may words!) Telling us now about folksonomies ……

…… waiting for something new, he talks about idea storms, videos …

…… waiting for something new, examples now been show …

…… waiting for something new, list of platitudes sorry benefits

…… waiting for something new, listing McAfee guidelines for web 2.0

…… waiting for something new

Senecca quotes are the flavour of the conference, so here is a good one We most often go astray on a well trodden and much frequented road. This road is oh so deeply rutted…..

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