The unpacking moment …

April 26, 2009

I have been subject to a degree of sarcasm about my enthusiasm for a recently acquired work of art which also provides a range of technological support for my work. The phrase from Steve on a skype call this morning was “Are you ever going to blog again without mentioning it?. Now I think this is a bit unfair of him, especially as I have discovered the quality of the speakers means I no longer need to carry round external ones or risk claustrophobia with headphones. I am writing this to Bizet’s Pearl Fishers which contains the best male duet in modern opera and the sound quality is excellent. OK its not as good as my minimalist set up at home (all black boxes and few controls and thick gold wires to the speakers all to improve sound quality) but it is better than previous travelling arrangements.

Either way to avoid confusion (I mistakenly tweeted “17” unpacked and charging the other day and it was misinterpreted) I have decided on a name, to wit Myfanwy which translates as My little lovely one. As any North Walian knows Myfanwy was also the object of attention of the 14th century poet Hywel ap Einion and the song based on his poem an all time favourite of Welsh Male Voice Choirs. The picture shows the unpacking moment that is a Mac owners ritual. Other pictures on the Flickr link. I will do my best, tomorrow to move on.

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