Three years on …

July 26, 2009

Thanks to the twitterverse (@iharkness to be precise) I discovered that I have now been posting to this blog more or less daily for three years. My first post was on the 25th July in Singapore, announcing the blog. on the 27th I launched a tirade on telecoms companies, followed by a plague on social constructivism . Within the first month I had also started to edit the wikipedia (although at lower levels of activity than now), and had by first experience of its quirks with Tales of a Wikipedia Virgin . I originally got involved to understand a complex adaptive systems in operation (and the wikipedia is one of the great examples), but then got more involved to the point where it is significant hobby/obsession but there will collecting Starbucks City Mugs. A year after that first blog I was in South Africa, reporting on The change house cleaner before flying to Sydney to pick up the last volume of Harry Potter reported as Slytherin for Albus Severus . A year later in Adult Games I commented on the wikipedia again.

In between times there have been serious posts on a range of subjects, travel diaries from holidays in the US and Italy, many examples of my curmudgeonly (and proud of it) charter. Memories invoked by travel through and over Wales have attracted critical support, to the point where I am thinking of taking an autumn break in Britain and Ireland to relive some more evocative places, writing as I go. I’m sure during those three years I have promised to expand on individual posts, or to post on whole new subjects. Feel free to remind me of any that are of importance. I’m going to make a diary note for future anniversaries though, there is a place for reflection and summary and the 21st July is probably as good a day as any.

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