Customer satisfaction

November 17, 2010

One of the things you learn to do if you are brought up in the UK is to avoid complaint at all costs. I still wince at the memory of a friend sending back the wine or complaining that a steak was not rare enough. Grin and bear was the mantra of my tender years. now the US has a more healthy attitude to this and the net result in general is better customer experience. This evening I went out for dinner with Tony Joyce and we talked, and talked as a result of which we spent longer at our table than was allowed for in the restaurants scheduling and they needed to combine our table with others to accommodate a large party. Now in the UK one would have been politely herded out, here we got taken the the bar and bought a drink.

Earlier and bit of research on under booked flights and a phone call to American Airlines gave me an better schedule back to the UK and an upgrade all for under $150. It took the agent half an hour to sort out, they were patient and polite and helpful. With British Airways (or any other European airline) it would have been indifference. Now of course I tweeted it and now I’m blogging it and I’m talking about to people I meet. Mutually beneficial communication.

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