an intermission (aimed at British readers of a certain age)

October 3, 2006

After a morning on battle field knowledge systems I returned to my flat to discover that Blue Peter (an institution in any British Childhood) had interviewed Tony Blair, the British Prime Minister. He had compared his official residence 10 Downing Street to the Tardis in Dr Who. When I was growing up Dr Who sent you behind the sofa, while Blue Peter taught you how to make it into a functional automobile with the addition of two toilet roll holders and an empty detergent bottle. Next to this article was a body of speculation about Tony Blair’s successor. He has announced he will stand down within a year and a day (the period in medieval Europe after which an escaped serf was considered free by the way).

Light dawned. The current Doctor Who is the ninth incarnation (Troughton, Baker and Eccleston were the best, with Zoe and Jamie the best assistants). When stress gets too much the Doctor physically changes to allow the series to continue…..

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