Aug 18th: A long hard slog (A noble steed - the Jeep Commander)

August 19, 2007

420 miles driven (I did not enjoy that), 2 photographs taken, 5 Americano Grandes drunk (not good but necessary), 1 Starbucks City Mug acquired (San Jose)

Accomodation: Courtyard by Marriott LAX (good)

Picture: Without any question one of the highlights of this trip has been the car. For its size its been economical. Critically, Despite being driven for long distances in 100+ temperatures with the air conditioning on full, it has never failed.

Today was a long one. We got away from San Francisco late (well we had to listen to the Wales-Argentina match on the BBC via the web) and then simply drove down the 101 to LA. One stop for the Steinbeck Centre in Salinas which I always enjoy (although it compromises his socialism to the point of invisibility) and multiple Starbuck drive-throughs were the only relief. The scenic trip over the San Marcos pass was rather ruined by all the scenic view points being closed, so no photographs bar two snatched from the car window in traffic. The closure was due to fire prevention measures, we could see the plumes of smoke (that provided the subject of the two photographs from a long running forest fire as we descended to Santa Barbara. The iPod supported the journey with episodes of Old Harry’s Game and more Pratchett. Tomorrow, its an early start, drop off the hire car and then two long flights (LAX-JFK, JFK-LHR). One final blog to come tomorrow, summarising the trip, statistics etc. and then its back to normal.

Oh, and the final in room movie, Blacksheep from New Zealand. It was similar to Shaun of the Dead but with more blood, more sheep and more scenery: recommended …..

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Aug 20th: Reflections

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2225 miles driven, 1030 photographs taken, 28 Americano Grandes drunk, 4 Starbucks City Mugs acquired ...

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