Double the word count

October 18, 2010

I managed to compete two out of three writing tasks today. The second part of an article on knowledge management for Ark’s magazine and the next iteration of the book outline namely the detailed chapter structure and introduction. its now with Mary Boone for the next iteration, A few more and we will post it for comment to those interested and its looking good to get the manuscrpt to the publisher after Christmas if Mary and I lock ourselves away for a few intensive sessions. For ARK I had to write 1200 words and ended up with 2400. I should say that part one ended up the same way, I got to 1,200 and offered them a part II (which is now a part II and part III).

I’ve decided this is a basic rule at least for me. Its the same for presentations, I need to mentally tune into half the available time. Anyone else out there have the same problem? Either way tomorrow I need to knuckle down and complete the major piece of writing, namely a piece on complexity and marketing with a narrative twist. I’ll post the draft of that on line later in the week. Then its a full proposal on gender equality and a general commentary piece on narrative research. So overall this week I am targeted to write around 10K words which means I will end up with 20!

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