Lost not found interlude

October 10, 2013

I made the mistake of leaving my iPad in the seat on the flight from Frankfurt this morning which messed up my presentation for the Welsh Government that afternoon.   It was already a tight timescale so after we landed I moved at speed to leave the plane and it wasn't till I was at the bus stop that I realised I had left it there.  It was doubly frustrated as I had almost packed it before landing on the basis I might forget to pick it up.   OK it is at the end of its life span and I was thinking of carrying it less now I have the MacBook Air.  The main loss was 67 iPlayer downloads some of this are no longer available.  Having been through this sort of thing before if the cleaners spotted it I will get it back.  If they don't then it might end up on a series of flights and could end up in the lost and found office of any airport in Europe.  I was glad I had put a passcode on it, regretted that I had not labeled it with an email address or similar.  The real pain will be tomorrow when I was going to demonstrate the new iOS Explorer at a client, something that will no longer be possible.

When I went onto the lost and found office at Heathrow I found another problem, it looks like several iPad 2 devises are lost at Heathrow each day so how are you meant to know which is yours?  Mind you they are all black on the list, mine was/is white so we will have to wait and see.  The crazy thing is that I ordered a whole batch of the blue tooth locator tabs the other day to deal with this sort of problem so I have planned to close the stable door but the horse has bolted.

Mind you the loss brought home the whole interchangeability of devizes that is now just a routine part of life.  Aside from some BBC programmes which are bound  to be repeated at some stage in the future I haven't lost any data or capability. I've set the iPhone lost message but it would have to connect to the internet for that to happen, which means it will have to be on a network where I have previously logged on which does not have a password so that is not very likely!


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