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August 25, 2022

Be a part of the expanding Health and Care Programme at Cynefin! We are exploring theory, stories, methods, ethnography, insight into action, and more in all that is the complexity of health and care. 

Whether you’re still questioning, have just started, or have a wealth of experience, there’s a space for you. 

Virtual QuickStart

For those new to Cynefin or who want to dip their toes in the experience, we are offering a health specific Virtual QuickStart in October 2022. 

The VQS is an 8-week learn-as-you-do journey, where we work with you to deliver your own, real pilot engagement, step-by-step. The best way to learn about SenseMaker® is to apply it in context on a real engagement. Quickstart offers you an opportunity to benefit from a blended learning approach which includes access to our online learning platform, live tutorials, case studies, and consultation sessions with expert SenseMaker® practitioners. This means you will receive expert guidance and support from others in the health setting in designing and safely running your project. 

Our next cohort starts in October and will run roughly every other week, for 8 weeks. If you would like to join, indicate your interest here and check out the brochure. This is also an ideal space if you’ve been around but have colleagues new to SenseMaker or if you need a structured space to run your project.

Community of Practice

The idea of the Health and Care Community of Practice came about during the height of the pandemic when it became very clear the importance of community and connecting to others. To honour that at Cynefin we want to help provide the space to share, learn, vent, and belong to all those that use SenseMaker® and related methods in health and care. Particularly, we want to create this space together with you!

We had a fantastic first round of Health and Care Meetups to kick us off. A massive thanks to everyone who was able to attend, and to those who couldn’t make this round, we missed you! 

We based these first sessions fairly informally around anecdote circles wherein people could share their stories. The conversation prompt was “Take a moment to reflect on your experience of working in health and/ or care, and think of one story/ anecdote/ memory, that in some way helps to explain why you are here today…” Related themes and opportunities were then discussed.

This launched us into a host of interesting conversations around health worker wellbeing, buy-in, complexity, organisation bureaucracy, Cynefin methods (outside of SenseMaker), SenseMaker practicalities, and working in the “real world”. It also prompted several networking moments and sparked topics for future meetups. 

The idea is that we will host a meetup every quarter for those involved in the Cynefin Centre and health. Keep an eye out for our next meetup in November led by Paul Ader where we’ll be using Emergent Design to envision the future of the Community of Practice. 

If you are part of Cynefin but not yet on our CoP mailer or OurHaunt page, let Ellie or Nina know!


Our first Health Programme Pulses are here! These are pre-designed SenseMaker® designs that are ready to go. If you’re new to SenseMaker or looking for something to trial before conducting your own bespoke project or taking out a membership, Pulses are a great way to start.

Our first Pulse is themed around Healthcare workforce wellbeing. With the outbreak of COVID-19, the pressures on healthcare services across the globe have surged  to unprecedented levels. This has substantial impacts on the physical, mental, social, and moral wellbeing of healthcare professionals. The healthcare workforce is made up of a myriad of different positions and people and that the possible interactions they can have with patients and the health system are endless. This diversity moves away from the thinking that successful healthcare work is only about control, following protocol, and reducing failures to rather promoting adaptability and autonomy in the face of emergent experiences. It also recognises the emotional and physical load on health workers to create success and be resilient in this complex system. 

The second Pulse on offer is on Organisational wellbeing. The psychosocial work environment is concerned with dimensions such as communication styles, workload, support, and motivation which are all relevant to aspects of work organisation, design and management, and interpersonal relationships. Generally we recognise that the psychological and social components of work go a long way in our personal and collective wellbeing: it is often the everyday things which have the power to really make a difference in our working lives. This approach allows us to understand wellbeing as beyond the individual, and related to social context within which they exist and work. 

By exploring multi-perspective narratives we can get a much richer picture of how people and groups think, feel, and experience their worlds as integral to understanding complex adaptive system of healthcare, working practices and culture.

Links to the Pulses will be launched on the website soon! But contact us if you would like to know more.

Come join us in the Health and Care Programme! We can’t wait to explore and create together.

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