A Spotted or Herbaceous Backson?

February 27, 2021

Photo 1496449903678 68ddcb189a24It has been a curious, if interesting week with a more or less perfect ending this afternoon.  It has however been busy and I’ve clocked up some very long days starting before 0600 and rarely finishing before 2000.  the reason is the series of sprints that we initiated to get the wiki populated on core methods associated with the EU Field Guide.  We‘ve (or rather Nia and Nat have) also been getting the new Cynefin Centre website up and I’ve also had the distraction of been patronised by a group of extremely threatened cyberneticians on social media.  The net result of all of this is that this blog has been neglected, as has the email backlog which is now over 700 so please consider this a general apology for either not replying or being terse, without the intention of rudeness.  I need to get back into the swing of it as Monday is St David’s Day and time for my annual update on Cynefin.   Any questions or ambiguities people want me to resolve then let me know as I am mapping out the series over the weekend.

The pattern I’ve taken with the baker’s dozen of focus areas is to lecture, then discuss each one in two sessions, once in the morning and once in the evening to hit most time zones.  Those sessions, while physically tiring have been mentally stimulating and the level of engagement and enthusiasm increases my confidence that now is the time to open up the awareness of sense-making and anthro-complexity to a much wider audience.  The attacks by the beneficiaries of the older paradigm are an additional confirmation.  A lot has come out of the sessions so far and I’ve had the chance to reflect and react to the conversations and linked work on the clack channel.  I’m really looking forward to that getting into the wiki, and to continued work there maintaining critical mass.  So I am starting to think about a quarterly sprint around an area, both new fields and also older capabilities that are gaining traction again – a lot of the old knowledge management stuff is coming back into use.

Its also got me thinking about boundary issues in their own right – what is central, coherent, and incoherent to the underlying approach?  How do we connect with different but compatible approaches?  What are the limits?   That will be the subject of tomorrow’s post

The banner image and the title have a lot of meaning, but I admit I may be overindulging myself – but if you get the point you do, if not it’s not material to this or tomorrow’s post.


The banner picture with its bees is cropped from an original by Boba Jaglicic and the sign is by Austin Chan, both on Unsplash

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